This is Your Brain on Mold – Any Questions?

This is Your Brain on Mold – Any Questions?

Back in Oregon where I was still suffering the throes of biotoxin induced illness, I lost the ability to multi-task. Multi-tasking was a key part of both my work and personal life, so this was just about as difficult for my family as it was for me.

The problem seemed to come on suddenly. I couldn’t handle being distracted from my task at hand. I’d get really angry, even to the point of tears, when someone (usually my dear husband, Trey) distracted me.

One day I was trying to make a cake, taking eggs from the carton and cracking them into a bowl. Trey started asking me a question he wanted an answer to right away. I tried to answer, but then lost track of what I was doing.

Frustrated, I yelled at him. “You know I can’t bear being distracted while cooking, especially baking – which I was doing mainly for YOU – and now I’ve lost count of how many eggs went in the bowl!”

Yes…lost count. I looked down in the bowl, and felt very stupid when I realized I could simply count the yolks. DOH! Sorry babe.

That’s mold brain for you. 😀