Off the Chain – Health Progress Through Mold Avoidance

Off the Chain – Health Progress Through Mold Avoidance

Today, Trey and I hiked 3 1/2 miles in, and 3 1/2 miles out of Joshua Tree National Park in 90F weather. Seven miles! It was incredible. I haven’t hiked that distance in many, many years.  Even last year after moving to this desert region and beginning healing through mold avoidance and naturopathic help, I couldn’t hike that far – let alone in heat that intense. CFS/ME, goodbye to you!

I even woke up feeling crummy this morning. I was one full day into starting a new (and way more effective, this time) Lyme and Bartonella treatment. My symptoms seemed to be a die-off response, and I felt tired, slow and heavy, plus a little bit short of breath. Yet I still was able to make that trek.  It felt wonderful.  It was like being unchained from a heavy weight after many years of dragging it. Or maybe given a lighter ball and chain. 🙂

One of my dreams has been to hike some of the world’s great trails, like the serene Pacific Crest Trail on the US west coast, the surreal “w” path through the Torres del Paine, the challenging Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Obviously I’m not near those extreme (for me) feats yet, but I’m still excited by the progress I have made.  For the first time in my life, a backpacking trip like that seems at least possible.  I might never do such an adventure, but it feels good to think that someday I might be capable of one.  Here are some pictures from our small excursions in Joshua Tree National Park.

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