You are welcome to get in touch with Kim via her Facebook page Healthy Home Design.  She is not on everyday… we are sometimes traveling or in the midst of projects, but she will get back to you eventually.

If you need immediate assistance (questions answered or just emotional support) related to mold or biotoxin illness, consider joining the Facebook group Mold and Chemical Sensitivity Lifestyle.  That group has many experienced, caring mold avoiders who are able to answer questions in the forum.

If you are interested in learning more in-depth about biotoxin-induced illnesses and how you can heal from them, these are the websites we highly recommend.  All are written by mold-illness survivors:

Paradigm Change, Authored by mold and ME/CFS survivor and educator Lisa Petrison, PhD.

Mold Avoiders group on Facebook. Administrated by Lisa Petrison, PhD, executive director of Paradigm Change.

Biotoxin Journey,  Contains very useful information about biotoxin-induced illnesses, as well  as an easy-to-use online screening test.

momsAWARE  A detailed website that discusses mold induced illnesses, MCS, EMF sensitivity and many healthy living topics.

And also these blogs:

Sara Riley Mattson,, details how she recovered from migraines and biotoxin illness.

Ana Harris,, tells about her journey from being crippled with Lyme disease, to finding healing through mold avoidance.